Watch This! 2017-12-11 -15


Trying to get into two new habits at once: blogging  other people’s stuff, and making these video playlists. Don’t want the daily playlist to dominate the blog, though. Now I’ve got a couple of days behind. Here’s a list of the playlists, with embeds “below the fold” as the old newsbox parlance goes.

  • Dec 11 – Politics, Science, and Cake – because you have to break a few eggs in all of them.
  • Dec 12 – Language warning on goose vs cows
  • Dec 13 – The usual mix of politix, science, humor, and whatever, but mostly whatever.
  • Dec 14 – Trump, Science, Meat eatin’, and slow-mo. What more could you ask for?
  • Dec 15 – Dinosaurs, Bikinis, Fireworks, and the usual shuffle

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Watch This! 2017-12-09-10

The media is mad, science in space and the oceans, opinions, and comedy (just a touch).

Dice: Lunatics of MSNBC 3:58Media Gone Mad – not as entertaining, nor as family-friendly, as Girls Gone Wild, but similar in spirit and substance.

RebelMedia: Trump’s election a “sea change” for border agents 3:10 – A country is defined by its borders.

Dice: CNN Issues HUGE Retraction After Fake Story 5:13 – I wonder, how often do they get anything RIGHT?

Southern: Why Sweden Is At War With The Family 6:46 – Lauren wonders why the family is inimical to collectivist tyranny. To ask the question (my way, anyway) is to answer it.

SciShow: How Do You Weigh Things in Space? 2:29 – How do you weigh the weightless? It’s a massive question.

SciShow: Why Don’t All Blue Whales Have Cancer? 6:04 – Science addresses that question that’s been keeping you up at night.

gooblymoo: Roy’s Food Repair 7:17 – Some comic relief h/t CBD, Ace of Spades & commenter “Emmie”

Sargon: This Week in Stupid (10/12/2017) 26:17 – Sticking that long stuff at the end of the playlist again. That soothing smoothie Sargon always has much to say.

RSBN: Trump Speech at Mississippi Civil Rights Museum 12/9/17 15:20 – The racists can’t stop him. #winning

Watch This! 2017-12-08

Science! Polly ticks! Upcoming SF! Exclamation points!

  • Solar system moving through space 0:17 – Why you feel seasick sometimes.
  • Woolery: Eminem 1:01 – I thought that was a candy. (Okay, even I’m not that out of pop culture.)
  • Dice: Eminem Triggered by Trump 3:04 – Melts in your mind not in your heart? I dunno.
  • Watson: The Truth About Jerusalem 4:46 – How many truths do you figure have emanated from Jerusalem over the millennia?
  • D&S BoS: Oh Snap, Crackle & The Pop 5:20 – There will never be a shortage of candidates for the bowl.
  • SciShow: Crystal Mirrors Hidden in Scallop Eyes 5:29 – Here’s a fact I might never have imagined!
  • Dr Who: Christmas Special 2017 Trailer #2 0:41 – The upcoming final episode of the real Doctor Who series.
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer 2:27 – Then there’s the screaming and the running… again.
  • Alita: Battle Angel trailer 1:55 – Live-action SF based on anime. Probably won’t go to any effort to watch it, but the CGI looks cool and she’s pretty.
  • Sargon: Culture War in Canadian Universities 50:38 – I like Sargon but in smaller doses. And when his topic is more relevant to my American interest. You watch this and tell me how it was.


Watch This! 2017-12-07

O, Jerusalem! and racing marbles

Woolery: Black Friday Guns 1:01
WFB Supercut: Al-MSNBC Declares 3 Days of Rage 1:17
Ezra Levant: Trump’s Jerusalem decision triggers media 2:54
Dice: Hillary Gets Sign from God 3:24
Ozzy Man: Marble Race 2:59
Crowder: VOX REBUTTAL American Healthcare 14:22

Left the long one for the end of the list. After the cartoon. Which is the inimitable Ozzy Man.