Powerful Message

small-victories-cupI think
this young man
boldly expresses
what a lot of us
are thinking.

h/t Will S.’s Sunny Side Blog

Legal Infestation


Claremore, Oklahoma — The Rogers County Courthouse has been shut down after the building had to be evacuated.… and closed due to bedbugs brought in by a lawyer in a third-floor courthouse.

“A courthouse user noticed them and said she could visibly see something crawling on his neck which was later found to be bed bugs. He had also placed his jacket over some file folders and when his jacket was moved bed bugs were discovered there,” said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.…

Everyone inside the courtroom was advised over the PA system of what to do with their clothing as soon as they get home and told them about a website they can visit if they feel like they’ve come in contact with any bed bugs.…

The cost to exterminate could range around $5,000 or more.…


Image and h/t Above the Law

Banner image: phys.org

Hallway Pizza




S.A. Whitehead at FastCasual.com

You never really know where your brand’s next invaluable “semi-earned media” is going to come from, but &pizza is proving the value of staying alert in order to pounce on it for maximum exposure.

Such was the case for the D.C.-based brand after live video from Wednesday’s Michael Cohen testimony on Capitol Hill featured someone in the background of a CBSN live shot gobbling down pizza from its clearly labeled &pizza  box.

But for &pizza, the whole circus around the video and its meme offspring meant action. Employees at the chain quickly went into action to use the incident as a launchpad for a quickly assembled brand campaign… developed a Hallway Pizza special for the chain’s 30 stores today, which included the items identified as being on the Hallway Pizza Guy’s pie including barbecue sauce, spicy tomato, banana peppers, mozzarella, salami, pepperoni and Italian sausage. 

I am the guy caught on TV eating pizza during the Michael Cohen hearing, AMA! -reddit

Least Successful Author


William A. Gold of Australia had the dubious distinction of being named the least successful writer ever in the 1975 edition of the Guinness Book of Records. To my knowledge, Guinness never awarded this record to anyone else.

Gold gained the title because, as of 1975, he had written at least eight novels and 100 short stories, but none of them had been published, despite his best efforts. His writing had only ever earned him 50 cents from an article published in the Canberra News. …

From Alex on Weird Universe

I have a few items, this was one, that stacked up while I sang the alphabet song.