Spectacular color photos of Constantinople, 1890

Rare Historical Photos

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The Yeni Cami by moonlight.

These rare color views of the capital (then known as Constantinople) of the Ottoman Empire at the close of the 19th century were produced using the Photochrom process. The technique applies layers of artificial color to a black and white image with surprisingly realistic results.

Yeni Cami mosque and Eminönü bazaar.

A great variety of landscapes, cityscapes, and street life.

Barbers near Seraskerat.

The fountain of Sultan Ahmed.

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Rare Historical Photos

They Might Be Giants — Istanbul (Not Constantinople) [2:35]
featuring WB Tiny Toons cartoon


Society to Protect Apostrophes’

Society to protect apostrophes’ shut’s down because of barbarians’
Metro UK – 2 Dec 2019

Grammar pedant John Richards who has quit the Apostrophe Protection Society saying 'the Barbarians have won'. See SWNS story SWCAapostrophe. Started by former journalist John Richards, The Apostrophe Protection Society is bowing out after 18 years of grammatical crusading. He said: ?The problem is that fewer and fewer people are using apostrophes these days let alone using them correctly. Many firms and organisations have given up using them at all. Secondly, at 96 I am reducing my commitments. ?Over the years we have heard from thousands of supporters all over the world, and I would like to thank them, but the barbarians have won?

The article is sprinkled with hilarious apostrophe abuses (note headline).

Writing on the societys website, he said: ‘Fewer organisations and individuals are now caring about the correct use of the apostrophe in the English language.

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Pearl Harbor

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At 7:58 AM, the Ford Island command center finally sent a radio alert: “AIR RAID PEARL HARBOR. THIS IS NOT DRILL.” Upon reaching Pearl Harbor, the Japanese torpedo bombers skillfully maneuvered themselves into the harbor in groups of twos and threes in a sudden and forceful attack lasting only minutes. In another hour, a second fleet of 167 additional Japanese aircraft bombarded the site.

American residents who watched the attack from afar observed in horror as the screams of men on the sunken battleships ripped through the air, smoke rose from the sea, and the injured and dead swam in bloody waters slick with burning oil. When the effects of the attack subsided, the grim casualties became known: 2,403 American civilians and military personnel had been killed, and 1,178 wounded. Two battleships and 188 aircraft were destroyed.

American Heritage Foundation

J. Fred Muggs

Wikipedia: J. Fred Muggs (born March 14, 1952) is a chimpanzee born in the African colony of French Cameroon that forms part of modern day Cameroon. Brought to New York City before his first birthday, he was bought by two former NBC pages and eventually appeared on a host of television shows on that network including NBC’s Today Show where he served as mascot from 1953 to 1957. Muggs worked in several television shows including a short-lived eponymous series, toured the world and worked at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. He officially retired at age 23. As of January 2012, Muggs was still alive. Chimpanzees have been known to live up to 70 years, though 50 is more commonly the animal’s lifespan.

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Fingerpainting by J. Fred Muggs,
Mad Magazine #38 Cover Original Art (EC, 1958)

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Supposedly, Muggs bit Mad editor Al Feldstein.


…mastered more than 500 words, and had a wardrobe of 450 outfits. He “read” the day’s newspapers, imitated Popeye and played the piano with Steve Allen.

Look at his eyes and then caption this!


…briefly starred in The J. Fred Muggs Show. He then worked at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida, and appeared on Good Morning America (on the ABC) to celebrate his 23rd birthday, before retiring.


IMDb: …Living in retirement in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Famous friends such as Liza Minnelli often come to call. [2004]