Pets and Their Owners Tend to Look Alike…


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911? My Stuffed Bunny’s Hurt!

Lucia I. Suarez Sang, Fox News
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Two Colorado police officers were quick to respond to a call from a 6-year-old Fort Collins girl who called 911 to get help for her “hurt” stuffed animal. …

Two Colorado police officers were quick to respond to a call from a 6-year-old Fort Collins girl who called 911 to get help for her “hurt” stuffed animal.

The police officer asked what was wrong with the bunny, to which Natalie is heard saying: “A scratch!”

“Should we go find a Band-Aid?” he asks.

While they are helping the hurt bunny, Stratton gave the 6-year-old a little lesson about emergency calls.…

Crossing Guard Killed Saving Two Young Brothers

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An 88-year-old crossing guard at a Catholic school in Kansas is being hailed as a hero after he saved two kids from being hit by a speeding car.

Bob S. Nill, who was known locally as Mr. Bob, was struck by a black sedan Tuesday morning while leading kids through his crosswalk at Christ the King Catholic School in Kansas City, Kansas, according to USA Today.

Gahan Wilson, Macabre Genius, RIP

The Beautifully Macabre Cartoons of Gahan Wilson

Michael Maslin, New Yorker

November 22, 2019

Wilson, who died on Thursday [Nov 21], at the age of eighty-nine, excelled at depicting the extraordinary. Although he habitually delved into that dark funny corner that we associate with Charles Addams, his style was singular. He liked to depict ordinary folks encountering some kind of anxious terror, or experiencing the unthinkable in mundane places.

Good selection of his cartoons at the link.


“You’ve been fooling around with alternative medicines, haven’t you?”

Gahan Allen Wilson
February 18, 1930 – November 21, 2019

Unexpectedly, December, 2019!

One year ago was the first “First of the Month” post. I’ve now come full-circle ’round the sun. Re-posting last year’s, with some updates and improvements.

Happy New Month!

December Month of

also National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

When and Where Was the First Car Accident? | Mental Floss

New editorial 2019:
December the Tenth Month?

Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec; Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten. Which made no sense after they added two months… at the beginning. They couldn’t have added them at the end? Guess they didn’t want to have Eleventober and Twelvthember. Still, if January were the eleventh month, swiftly-passing little February would be the last month. Then March 1 would be New Year’s Day again. That might be a nice change. (Sure, it sounds simple at first, but in implementation, this could get more confusing than Daylight Saving Time!)

The Zoodiac signs
for the month of December are
Sohilarious (until December 21)

Catchacold (December 22 onwards).

Click here to see the complete set of Zoodiac signs.

December has the solstice, when daylight begins to grow and hope is renewed at last, at least in my hemisphere. Your hemisphere may vary.

2019: Christmas on Wednesday this year. Strangely enough, New Year’s Eve is exactly one week later. So, with two mid-week holidays, expect the holiday world to be useless from 5pm Friday Dec 21 through 9am Monday Jan 6. Perhaps useless is too strong a term. Of limited productivity, then.

This is from, 2017:

Christmas Cheesecake

Repeating this warning from 2018:

Note to websearchers: If you image-search on the term “December,” be sure to have your safe-search setting to “Safe,” unless you want to see multiple images of “Miss December.”

Followed my own advice on this when searching this year for “December Girl 2019.” Mostly came up with “December Girl” t-shirts and mugs and merch. Should’ve guessed it’d be a thing. So I kept this gal. 

Then I ran across this classic Varga work, so I couldn’t resist including it, too.

December is a lovely month
when cynics stop and pause
And after they have looked at me
Believe in Santy Claus!

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