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Swim with Otters

You can swim with otters
at this Louisiana animal preserve

Our lives just got so much better!
Claudia Seibert, WTOL
h/t Tonypete on A♠


If watching videos of the adorable little guys just isn’t doing it for you anymore, how would you like to actually swim and interact with them?

A Louisiana animal preserve can make your dreams come true! …

Visit Barn Hill Preserve’s website for more information or to reserve a tour.

Small Friends

Sunny Skyz:
A Pigeon That Can’t Fly
A Puppy That Can’t Walk

h/t FenelonSpoke on A♠
See Sunny Skyz for more great pix and the story
of Herman the pigeon and Lundy the chihuahua!

pigeon and chihuahua friends

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Saturday Pet Thread

Folks sharing pet pix is just one of the many great aspects of the Pet Thread. I don’t swipe feature pix of Ace of Spades folks’ pets, as a rule, but this one was just irresistable.

Here’s a pic in similar spirit,
c/o chrissy on PoliNation

Music for Lonely Pooches

Spotify Launches Playlists For Pets Left At Home…

The Swedish audio-streaming business company said it has launched a podcast featuring soothing music, “dog-directed praise”, stories, and messages of affirmation and reassurance narrated by actors to alleviate stress for dogs who are home alone.

Meanwhile, playlists aimed at pets offer tracks selected by algorithms to match pets’ characteristics such as energetic or slow.