Stop and Smell the Flowers

Dear Other People’s Stuff blog, I’m so sorry I’ve still been neglecting you. It’s been so long since I brought you something every day. I confess, I’ve been working quite a bit with your younger daughter blog, Other People’s Videos, and now and then posting something to your political nephew, Heap o’Links, and creating a few posts for your great-grandmother Mindful Webworks site… and there’s lots of other excuses. But I do still have a special affection for you, Other People’s Stuff blog, and I’ll try to get back up to regular posting again. Promise!

A big OPS hat-tip to FenelonSpoke on A♠ for linking to Sunny Skyz for this great doggie pic, and the inspiration to post again on OPS.

dog smelling the flowers

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below: h/t Bluebird

Swim with Otters

You can swim with otters
at this Louisiana animal preserve

Our lives just got so much better!
Claudia Seibert, WTOL
h/t Tonypete on A♠


If watching videos of the adorable little guys just isn’t doing it for you anymore, how would you like to actually swim and interact with them?

A Louisiana animal preserve can make your dreams come true! …

Visit Barn Hill Preserve’s website for more information or to reserve a tour.

Small Friends

Sunny Skyz:
A Pigeon That Can’t Fly
A Puppy That Can’t Walk

h/t FenelonSpoke on A♠
See Sunny Skyz for more great pix and the story
of Herman the pigeon and Lundy the chihuahua!

pigeon and chihuahua friends

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Saturday Pet Thread

Folks sharing pet pix is just one of the many great aspects of the Pet Thread. I don’t swipe feature pix of Ace of Spades folks’ pets, as a rule, but this one was just irresistable.

Here’s a pic in similar spirit,
c/o chrissy on PoliNation