Before and After Rescue Dogs

25 Before And After Photos Shows The Amazing Difference A Loving Family Can Make On An Abandoned Animal


Many of the “before” pictures are hard to look at.


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“Theo was one day away from being euthanized, but luckily the wonderful people at Mercer Animal Rescue received $1000 in donations for his treatment just in time!”

before and after dog rescue

Saturday Critters

Bird Snowshoes

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Original Gerber Baby Turns 93

Ann Turner Cook

Ann Turner Cook, poses at her Tampa home with a copy of her photo that is used on all Gerber baby food products in 2004

Wikipedia: Cook is the daughter of syndicated cartoonist Leslie Turner, who drew the comic strip Captain Easy for decades. Their neighbor was the artist Dorothy Hope Smith, who did a charcoal drawing of Ann when she was a baby. In 1928, when Gerber announced it was looking for baby images for its upcoming line of baby food, Smith’s drawing was submitted and subsequently chosen. It was trademarked in 1931. The drawing of Ann Turner Cook has been used on virtually all Gerber baby food packaging since.…

After retiring from teaching, Cook became a novelist. A member of the Mystery Writers of America, she is the author of the Brandy O’Bannon series of mystery novels set on Florida’s Gulf Coast. The adventures of Florida reporter and amateur sleuth O’Bannon are detailed in Trace Their Shadows (2001) and Shadow over Cedar Key (2003).

The original Gerber baby, Ann Turner Cook, meets last year's Gerber baby, Lucas.
The original Gerber baby, Ann Turner Cook, meets last year’s Gerber baby, Lucas.

The original Gerber baby is not so little anymore. She’s now a 93-year-old mystery novelist by Faith Karimi, CNN

The original Gerber baby with sparkling eyes and a cherubic face is all grown up — with a full head of white hair and the same contagious smile.

And that iconic baby, Ann Turner Cook, just turned 93 on Wednesday.…

The neighbor, Dorothy Hope Smith, offered to add more details to the sketch if it was accepted. But when the executives at Gerber saw it, they wanted it as-is.…

Before the name behind the angelic face was revealed in 1978, popular guesses of the baby’s identity included Humphrey Bogart, Elizabeth Taylor, Sen. Bob Dole and Jane Seymour.…

Ann Turner Cook, above, didn't get paid until the 1950s, when she received a lump sum for contributing her face to make Gerber one of the most well-known companies in the world

Ann Turner Cook didn’t get paid until the 1950s, when she received a lump sum for contributing her face to make Gerber one of the most well-known companies in the world.

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Nature Can Be Whimsical

I thought it indignity enough that with age come weird things like hair in the ears.

Man’s blocked nose was caused by tooth growing in his nostril

Lucy Middleton – Metro (UK)
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You know what, there’s video and details at the link.
If you really want them.

I’ll just copy this and quit:
Man discovers he's growing a tooth in his nose Picture: Pear Video

Survived Hindenburg, Lived to 90

Werner Doehner, last survivor of the Hindenburg disaster, dies at 90

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As the Hindenburg arrived, flames began to flicker on top of the airship. Hydrogen, exposed to air, fueled an inferno.

“Suddenly, the air was on fire,” Werner Doehner recalled.

He said his mother threw him and his brother out of the ship before she left too.

They suffered burns. He would remain in the hospital for three months before going to a hospital in New York City in August for skin grafts.

-Doehner at 8
A Blog by Mr. Ed: The Hindenburg in Pictures
Amazing collection

Werner Gustav Doehner, the last remaining survivor of the 1937 Hindenburg disaster -  passed away in Laconia, New Hampshire last Friday at the age of 90
Andrew Court, Daily Mail / AP

Faces of the Hindenburg:
The Doehner Family

Wild Wild Wildlife

Slide Into the Weekend With the Most Hilarious Wildlife Photos of 2019

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J. Fred Muggs

Wikipedia: J. Fred Muggs (born March 14, 1952) is a chimpanzee born in the African colony of French Cameroon that forms part of modern day Cameroon. Brought to New York City before his first birthday, he was bought by two former NBC pages and eventually appeared on a host of television shows on that network including NBC’s Today Show where he served as mascot from 1953 to 1957. Muggs worked in several television shows including a short-lived eponymous series, toured the world and worked at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. He officially retired at age 23. As of January 2012, Muggs was still alive. Chimpanzees have been known to live up to 70 years, though 50 is more commonly the animal’s lifespan.

c/o Heritage Auctions
Fingerpainting by J. Fred Muggs,
Mad Magazine #38 Cover Original Art (EC, 1958)

Supposedly, Muggs bit Mad editor Al Feldstein.

…mastered more than 500 words, and had a wardrobe of 450 outfits. He “read” the day’s newspapers, imitated Popeye and played the piano with Steve Allen.

Look at his eyes and then caption this!

…briefly starred in The J. Fred Muggs Show. He then worked at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida, and appeared on Good Morning America (on the ABC) to celebrate his 23rd birthday, before retiring.

IMDb: …Living in retirement in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. Famous friends such as Liza Minnelli often come to call. [2004]