Artificial Enlightenment

Buddhist Robot Priest To Dole Out Advice In Kyoto Temple

The Android Kannon, based on the traditional Buddhist deity of mercy, delivered its first teachings at Kodaiji temple on Saturday and is due to start preaching to the public in March.

Developed at a cost of Y100 million (£692,000), the robot is a joint project between the Zen temple and Hiroshi Ishiguro, a professor of intelligent robotics at Osaka University.

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Missing Kitten, Folded Dog


“This is Nala, gave us quite a scare when we couldn’t find her anywhere.”


Just took it out of the box. It’s gotta unfold naturally…


Nala kitten credit: u/dejaime
c/o Sunny Skyz
c/o FenelonSpoke commenting on Ace of Spades

Folded doggy c/o Sunny Skyz
h/t also FenelonSpoke commenting on Ace of Spades

Pup and kitten:


Legal Infestation


Claremore, Oklahoma — The Rogers County Courthouse has been shut down after the building had to be evacuated.… and closed due to bedbugs brought in by a lawyer in a third-floor courthouse.

“A courthouse user noticed them and said she could visibly see something crawling on his neck which was later found to be bed bugs. He had also placed his jacket over some file folders and when his jacket was moved bed bugs were discovered there,” said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.…

Everyone inside the courtroom was advised over the PA system of what to do with their clothing as soon as they get home and told them about a website they can visit if they feel like they’ve come in contact with any bed bugs.…

The cost to exterminate could range around $5,000 or more.…


Image and h/t Above the Law

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Backup of Humanity

Eric Mack, c|net

Israeli-made spacecraft named Beresheet beyond the grasp of Earth’s gravity and sent it on its way to the surface of the moon. On board Beresheet is a specially designed disc encoded with a 30-million-page archive of human civilization built to last billions of years into the future.

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How It Happened Happened

“It Happened One Night” (1934) | Same Molly, New Media |

…Capra’s autobiography told the story of the making of It Happened One Night which in itself could be a movie. Capra worked for Columbia Pictures which at that time was a minor studio, along the lines of Republic or Monogram. As Capra tells it he had a vision about this story that Samuel Hopkins Adams wrote and persuaded Harry Cohn to buy it.

Capra also had a stroke of good luck. Adolph Zukor at Paramount and Louis B. Mayer at MGM were looking to punish a couple of recalcitrant stars, Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable. The idea was to show these two what it was like to work in a small budget studio without all the perks of Paramount and MGM. In fact the description of Gable arriving to work at Columbia that first day, drunk as a skunk, is priceless. Capra dressed him down good and said that to his credit Gable came to work afterwards and couldn’t have been more cooperative.

At some point Harry Cohn at Columbia was convinced that maybe Capra had something. He had in fact delivered for Columbia the previous year with Lady for a Day. So the publicity drums were beat.

The rest as they say is history. It Happened One Night won the first Oscar grand slam, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Actress. It won the first Oscars Columbia Pictures ever got and lifted it right into the ranks of the major studios. And it set the standard for screwball comedy.…

bkoganbing review at iMDB

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