D is for…


This alphabet zoo thing
is harder than I anticipated,
and I’m only on D.
Dogs, of course, and dog-like Dingos,
deer and dolphins and dragonflies oh my.
Ducks and donkeys,
so many choices…

is for Dik-Dik,
because Dik-Dik is a funny name,
and because Dik-Diks are cuuuute.


A dik-dik is the name for any of four species of small antelope in the genus Madoqua that live in the bushlands of eastern and southern Africa. —Wikipedia

Nicole Stamp’s Pageslap blog: Dik-Dik Baby
which has many more great
Dik-Dik pix and videos


According to the African Wildlife Federation, the Dik-Dik’s conservation status is “least threatened,” with a population approaching a million.


When frightened, they run in a zig-zag pattern at speeds up to 26-mph and whistle through their noses, producing a sound similar to “dik-dik.” The warning doesn’t just protect other dik-diks—it alerts larger animals of danger, too. Incidentally, the dik-dik’s scientific name, Madoqua kirkii, is much less fun to say.

…Dik-diks mark their territory with tears.…

—Amanda Green, “9 Fun Facts About the Dik-Dik,” on MentalFloss

DiK Dik #2
Banner image: rateeveryanimal.com

I decided not to include
Cheetah hunts a baby Kirk’s Dik Dik


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