A is for…


block-a is for
because its name starts with two a’s
and, it’s funny-looking!


Searched for aardvark comics or cartoons.
Pretty slim pickin’s.


I’m not sure “Aardvark — a very easy noun” is all that helpful a mnemonic!

Searching images, it’s clear some folks don’t know an aardvark from an anteater.

Anteaters and aardvarks are similar looking animals that are actually different species.


An anteater is a mammal of the suborder Vermilingua. It is a solitary animal and is also known as the anthill bear. Giant Anteaters are sometimes mistaken for bears because of their claws and bushy fur.


Aardvark is a mammal found in Africa. Aardvarks sleep during the day, and are active at night. They are nocturnal animals. If the nights are cold, sometimes they will come out in the daylight to lie in the sun and get warm. The aardvark has a long, thin, protruding tongue and elaborate structures supporting a keen sense of smell. Aardvarks are insectivores; they have great ant and termites identification skills. They use their keen sense of smell to seek out their subterranean food source.

More comparison info and details on both animals at Diffen.


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