Turn On Got Turned Off

Turn-On is an American sketch comedy series that aired on ABC in February 1969. Only one episode was shown, leaving one episode unaired, and the show is considered one of the most infamous flops in TV history.

Turn-On’s sole episode was shown on Wednesday, February 5, 1969, at 8:30 pm ET. Among the cast were Teresa Graves (who would join the Laugh-In cast that autumn), musician and future Disney and Hanna-Barbera voice actor Hamilton Camp, and longtime children’s show host, character actor, and voice artist Chuck McCann. The writing staff included a young Albert Brooks. The guest host for the first episode was Tim Conway, who also participated in certain sketches.


With all that going for it, how could it have flopped?

Unlike Laugh-In the show “focused almost exclusively on sex as a comedic subject”,[3] using various rapid-fire jokes and risqué skits, but no laugh track.

Possibly the most quickly-canceled episode in TV history – ten minutes in on one station.

Tim Conway has stated that Turn-On was canceled midway through its only episode, so that the party that the cast and crew held for its premiere as the show aired across the United States also marked its cancellation.[4][5] Cleveland, Ohio‘s WEWS-TV did not return to the show after the first commercial break [4] (after “15 minutes”, according to Conway).[5] The rest of the time slot was a black screen with live organ music, an emergency procedure that had not been used in over 20 years. WEWS sent ABC network management an angry telegram: “If your naughty little boys have to write dirty words on the walls, please don’t use our walls. Turn-On is turned off, as far as WEWS is concerned.”[6][7]


Dove Into Ice to Save Dog

Bozeman UPS driver Ryan Arens saves dog from drowning in icy pond

by Kristen Inbody, Great Falls Tribune

…”This dog was screaming and crying and going crazy,” he said.

…”I could see the dog trapped about 10-15 feet off of shore, with ice all around it…”

An older man was in a rowboat on the pond, trying with little success to chip away the ice to reach the dog.

“I stripped to my boxers and got the guy out of the boat. Then I slid the boat out onto the ice, using it to distribute my weight… I shimmed out to where the ice was thin.”

Then he crashed through the ice, falling from the boat and into the 16-feet-deep water.

Since he was already wet, Arens swam for the dog.

“She was starting to go under,” he said.

He grabbed her collar and swam for the ice, sliding the dog across the ice to shore. He pulled himself out of the water and a bystander handed him a blanket.

“We took the dog inside the older guy’s house and got in the shower together to warm up,” he said. …

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Plucky Humor

Oh, how well I remember Gramma’s tales of their early days living on the farm.

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She’d have to roll Grampaw out of bed at 4am to go milk the chickens.

This reminds me of a question I’ve had for a while. If Soy Milk is made out of soybeans and Rice Milk is made out of rice, and Almond Milk is made out of almonds, then what is Cow Milk made out of? 😮

North Pole leaving Canada for Siberia



The movement of the Earth’s magnetic poles are shown in this animation at 10-year intervals from 1970 to 2020. The red and blue lines show the difference between magnetic north and true north depending on where you are standing. On the green line, a compass would point to true north. Credit: NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information

  • Magnetic North Pole is ‘skittering’ away from Canada, towards Siberia 
  • Researchers say it is moving at an ‘unusually high speed of about 50 km per year’
  • Say Canada is essentially losing a magnetic tug-of-war with Siberia
  • Researchers around the world are scrambling to update global models relied on by GPS navigation systems

‘It’s moving at about 50 km (30 miles) a year. It didn’t move much between 1900 and 1980 but it’s really accelerated in the past 40 years,’ Ciaran Beggan, of the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh, told Reuters on Friday.

Scientists in recent years have predicted that Earth’s magnetic field could be gearing up to ‘flip’ – a shift in which the magnetic south pole would become magnetic north, and vice versa.

Such an event could have catastrophic effects, wreaking havoc on the electric grid and leaving life at the surface exposed to higher amounts of solar radiation.

While it’s previously been thought that these reversals take place at intervals of hundreds of thousands of years, one recent study suggests it could happen in just a matter of centuries. 

by Mark Prigg | Daily Mail
00:09 GMT, 11 January 2019

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The Idiot Box


Jan 14, 1981 —US Federal Communications Commission frees stations to air as many commercials an hour as they wish

Top results for search on “annoying television commercials”

Click at your own risk.

Philo T. Farnsworth

American engineer, scientist and inventor Philo Taylor Farnsworth devised the television camera in the 1920s… an “image dissector” that converted a captured imagine into an electrical signal.  —ThoughtCo

The inventor of the television would not let his own children watch TV. He once said to his son,

“There’s nothing on it worthwhile, and we’re not going to watch it in this household, and I don’t want it in your intellectual diet.”

Bill Cullen: Is this some kind of machine that might be painful when it’s used?

Farnsworth: Yes, sometimes it’s most painful.

Feeling Bogged Down?

Sometimes it feels like it’s become impossible to make any further progress, and you’re just stuck.

Sometimes, it’s a fact.

Note the open cab roof escape hatch, evidently for just such a situation.

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Camp Robinson, 1942

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