The Presidential Prayer Team

Since 2001, The Presidential Prayer Team has been the source thousands of Americans have turned to for encouragement and inspiration to pray for America’s leaders.

We are a national ministry dedicated to a focused mission of encouraging, inspiring and praying for our president and national and military leaders. We also seek to be a catalyst in the development of a robust prayer lifestyle, by providing tools to encourage prayer – through email, web, mobile phones and other communication tools. Ultimately, we believe that prayer will transform our nation, one heart at a time.

We believe that Almighty God rules over the affairs of men and moves in response to the prayers of His people.  So, with unflinching devotion, members of The Presidential Prayer Team are working every day to raise the shield of prayer over our president and national leaders.


No Such Thing as a Calling Bird

“Ornithologically speaking, there is no such thing as a ‘calling bird.'”


So, for the Fourth Day of Christmas, I got to wondering, “What the heck is a ‘calling bird,’ anyway?”

Asked on Yahoo:

I would like to know what species or common name is given to the reference of “calling birds” in the Christmas carol “The 12 days of Christmas”.

The song was written in 1780 and used the term “Colly Birds” which is, and was then, an arcane reference to blackbirds, perhaps ravens. The song has been rewritten many times since the and has changed the term, but it wasn’t until 1909 that the term “calling birds” was referenced. … Bottom line, it has morphed from when written. Ornithologically speaking, there is no such thing as a “calling bird”.
Michael Deslippe | Yahoo

So, the rotary-dial telephone above is the best.

Banner image:


Dog Armor

A real answer to a real problem, however silly it seems. Kevlar dog armor for defense against predators like coyotes.


“And if you can protect your best friend and make them look metal at the same time, it’s just an added bonus.”Dmitry on

dog-armorPunk Pink metal!

Banner image:

h/t Misanthropic Humanitarian on the Ace of Spades Saturday Pet Thread


Have you ever felt a real reindeer?

A mother took to Facebook to write about the “best Santa ever” after an interaction with her blind and autistic son filled her heart with joy.…

“Best Santa ever!

I whispered to Santa ‘he is blind and autistic and is very interested in Santa’.

He said ‘say no more’ and immediately got down on the floor to greet my little man.…

“My heart was full seeing Matthew so interested.”

Misty Wolf, Sunny Skyz

h/t Misanthropic Humanitarian on the Ace of Spades OverNight Thread

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

There’s lots and lots of websites show up
when you search for “bad Christmas gifts.”
Now there’s this one, too.


For the cat lady in your life

Leggings-for-Cat-Lovers-10-Bad-Gifts-I-hope-I-get-this-year-funny-gift-list-gag-gifts-bad-Christmas-giftsDomestic Diva’s 10 More Bad Gifts I Want for Myself This Year (2014)
The other nine are pretty wild. I could’ve swiped featured them all!


For that youngster addicted to video games

Reeeally like the rest of the family watching and applauding! Continue reading “Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas”