Price Tower, Bartlesville

Frank Lloyd Wright once designed a skyscraper, intended for Chicago, but he couldn’t get it built there. Wright sold a scaled-down version of it to oilman H.C. Price, and it was built instead in Bartlesville, Ok.


The overall geometric element arises from the equilateral triangle, and all lighting fixtures and vents are based in this way while the angled walls and built-ins are based on fractions or multiples of triangular module. —source

Custom furniture echoed the triangle-based architecture.

Under construction

A very unusual work, by a very unusual architect.

Free Spree

Free Spree?
Flimsy Whimsy?




Pee Wee

Tee Hee!

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Kiwi (bird): Wikipedia
Kiwi (fruit): Kiwis in the Bronx, Marian Wright Edelman,
Tiwi: Yarning Up series 3 – Tiwi and the Dutch,
Pee Wee:
Tee Hee:

Banner image: Rise in Kiwi Exports, Financial Tribune

One Year of Other People’s Stuff

One year of stealing appropriating featuring other people’s stuff here. And they haven’t caught me yet.

Here’s my favorite post from each of the past 12 months. Not including all of each post, just a taste (except where the post was no more than a taste in the first place).

November 2017 (7 posts)

The first post, Checking What it Takes, was just a “Hello, World!” test. #2 was the first real post, establishing the critters category:

Requisite First Critter Pix


December 2017 (a whopping 55 posts)

New blogger enthusiasm is evident in the number of posts in December.

Hard to pick a favorite from December. This one I picked because locally related.

Also the month I started “Watch This!” video playlists, which led to companion blog Other People’s Videos.

If God Intended for Man to Fly…

…He would have given us the Wright Brothers.


Billy Parker of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, flies a 1912 model pusher type airplane in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Dec. 17, 1953, over the exact spot the Wright Brothers flew 50 years ago. (AP Photo/Rundolph Faircloth)

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Critter Cuteness Because Cute Critters

These Puppies Will Give You A Cuteness Overdose (29 Photos)

A great bunch of cute critters pix like this one:

h/t Misanthropic Humanitarian on the wonderful Ace of Spades Pet Thread, posted every Saturday, full of great pix and stories heart-warming and heart-wrenching as well.

Swiping Featuring this from the AoS Pet Thread this week:

Hippo Ranches USA


IN THE EARLY years of the last century, the U.S. Congress considered a bold and ingenious plan that would simultaneously solve two pressing problems – a national meat shortage and a growing ecological crisis. The plan was this: hippopotamus ranching.

Hippos imported from Africa and raised in the bayous of Louisiana, proponents argued, would provide a delicious new source of protein for a meat-hungry nation. In the process, the animals would gobble up the invasive water hyacinth that was killing fish and choking off waterways. It would be an epic win-win. A bill was introduced in Congress, and newspaper editorials extolled the culinary virtues of “lake cow bacon.”

—Greg Miller, Wired. | Ill.Mark Summers

h/t alexthechick commenting on Ace of Spades