Bubbles, Because Bubbles Okay?

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Submerged Ruins of Nicea Church?

After years of hunting archaeologists have found sunken ruins that could be where the First Council of Nicaea was held – making it one of the most important places in Christian history. —Phoebe Weston for Mail Online
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Some Cosmic Perspective

Those nice, clean circular orbits of how the planets circle the sun?


In reality, our paths are spiraling around, hitchhiking by gravitic grapple to a star that’s racing along through space.


Just one of several stars in our astral neighborhood.


With its neighbors, our ‘shooting star’ is wobbling through its galactic orbit.



And, of course, the Milky Way has its neighbors, and orbits.



Okla Maize Maze Seen From Space


A corn maze that has become an Oklahoma tradition around autumn is now honoring a legendary Oklahoman.… Oklahoma astronaut Thomas P. Stafford… design spans across 10 acres with over 3.5 miles of twists and turns, and will include questions where you can test your space knowledge. …[Image] captured approximately 400 miles above the Earth from a satellite. …Lt. Gen. Stafford… turned 88-years-old on Monday.

KFOR – Emphasis mine.

Bod Pods

This looks like a great solution!


Just as long as you have no luggage, not even a briefcase. And have no need of fundamentals like, say, motor or fuel. And everybody can stand for the whole trip.

The guy tipping his hat is cute. Bizarre altogether. But cute.

From Alex at Weird News, where there is a ‘before’ picture.

Getting From Here to There

An illustrated meditation on
transportation, past, present, and future
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Hover Bees

They’re actually flies. (Info at Garden Safari.) (Photo from KIBI.)


64 WOW.

Earlier this afternoon, Milady and I, sitting in the front room, hear what seems to be the world’s biggest fly buzzing in through the door. Loud!

Then the buzzing hits a strange low hum and we think, was that really inside, or is it outside (trick of sound)?

Then I see it, just hovering there a few inches above the carpet, long enough to grab one of our Bug Cups™ and catch it and escort it outside.

Looked like a big bee, but I’d never seen one that looked quite like that – not honey, sweat, or wood bee – not a wasp – and we’d certainly never seen a bee that could hover so steadily in one spot for so long.

Then I tune in here and read about Hoverbees. Not a lot of question what we had!

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Hit by Space Rock

The only documented case of a person hit by a meteor.

In late November of 1954, Ann Hodges was in the middle of an afternoon nap in her home in Sylacauga, Alabama, when a large rock came crashing through her ceiling, bounced off her radio, and struck her in the side, leaving a massive bruise. It had come from outer space, and the 8.5 pound meteorite was still warm to the touch.


She’s most fortunate it had slowed down so much before it got to her! Bounced off her radio – yow!


National Geographic via Vintage Everyday
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