Fish with Human Teeth


FORT COBB, Oklahoma — A girl caught an unusual fish Sunday at Fort Cobb Lake — a fish with human-like teeth that’s closely related to piranha. …the pacu …typically found in freshwater lakes and waterways in South America.

Smith’s catch is not the first time the fish has been found in Oklahoma. Wardens say they sometimes end up in the waterways after they were bought as pets and released when they outgrow their tanks. Pacu can grow up to 3.5 feet long and can weigh up to 88 pounds. …considered an invasive species that can damage local ecosystems. –NewsOK

And some hens do have teeth! I’ve seen pix of chimps  (?some simian) with some fingers having claws, others with fingernails on the same hand. They’re all just reordering of the same ideas – a fingernail is a flattened-out claw. Wonders of biochemistry!

John and Eileen Vitt

I read the local obits to make sure I’m not there. Some amazing life stories sometimes.

Seventy years together is an incredible run.

vitt-john-eileenTogether in life, together in passing
John and Eileen Vitt were happiest in each other’s company, as they had been for nearly seven decades, so their deaths within 53 hours of each other were in keeping with their love for each other.
John died June 9, and Eileen June 12, both surrounded by family in the apartment they shared in Bartlesville. Continue reading “John and Eileen Vitt”

Canyon Flash Flood

Incredible amount of force on display here.

c/o Brave Sir Robin on Ace of Spades

Warning: Cute Kittens Overload


This site, Emergency Kittens,

also this site, Daily Dose of Kittens,

can be hazardous to your ability to budget your time wisely.

I’m thinking of you here, BoB! 😉