Crazy Crayon Color

I remember when Crayola® had only one color called “Flesh,” the color vaguely like pink people (sometimes called White or Caucasian or Cracker). I also remember when they came out with a box full of skin tones, which, really, was pretty neat. (I also remember years before that when the late, great, Original Magic Markers® had a great array of “skin tones.” I miss Magic Markers.)

Anywho, it’s nice to know that Crayola continues to offer innovative new skin tones! 😀


Don’t know who did the image originally (tried looking on Google Image Search, but it’s been repeated so many times, there’s just no telling).

Swiped shamelessly from Pistol Pete at PoliNation.

Just Another Rescued Doggie

Abandoned Dog Found Snuggling A Teddy Bear Finds Forever Home


“While in the car, he threw up chicken bones, pieces of plastic, rocks and leaves,” Swatzel said. “He clearly had been surviving on the streets.”

Just another doggie rescue story, but isn’t that a happy face!!??!

h/t FenelonSpoke at Ace of Spades – who gets me some of the best critters stuff.

Happy Sinkhole d’Maya

Saturday is Cinco de Mayo – a very, very important holiday which celebrates half-priced margaritas, pressing “1” for English, and the complete loss of entry level jobs for actual Americans. Drink up!
—Stilton Jarlsberg

Lifted from Stilton’s Place, which you should follow, but “you might also like” Johnny Optimism, although it’s a bit of a dark optimism, sometimes.