Good Boy, Rex the Wonder Dog

A German Shepherd was beaten and shot four times while protecting his 16-year-old owner from two burglars who broke into their home in Des Moines, Washington.

“Rex’s life depends on a surgery he will need to survive,” Cadena wrote. “My cousin has already paid a big sum of money as Rex needed a lot of scans and X-rays and other urgent medicine work up to stabilize him. Every dollar helps. Please, our family can not let Rex the hero dog go without us fighting as hard as he did, to his very last bit of a strength while protecting my nephew.”

The family has raised over $52,000 from 1,795 people in just two days.

Protected his human until police arrived.

Good doggie!

From Sunny Skyz
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I See What You Mean


When a listener understands speech, a strong response signal is seen over the mid back part of their scalp (top row; blue and green waveforms show response at two specific recording locations). When they can’t understand (because, for example, the speech is played backwards), the signal completely disappears (bottom row; red and yellow waveforms show the lack of response at the same two specific recording locations). Credit: Professor Ed Lalor.
Trinity College Dublin
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