Cuba, 1959

Vintage photos from one of the largest archives of pre-Castro Cuban photography in the world.

Heartbreaking, compared to today. Like looking at pictures of Afghanistan when it was civilized.

Thought this deserved its own page, rather than adding it to one of the Other People’s Videos playlists.

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Dogs Save Freezing Woman

3jkcl-dogs-save-woman-freezing-to-death-1Photo: J. Scott Park

The dogs woke their owners up at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday. They continuously tugged on their owner’s sleeve, insisting to be let outside.

“(Adam) never tugged on my clothes before….

Before Lonnie could open the door all the way, Adam and Eva squeezed past and bolted to his truck outside. Next to it was an elderly woman in her late 80s on the ground, freezing with nothing on but a night gown.

“She looked up at me and said, ‘I’m so cold.’ …I have no idea how long she had been out there. She must have been terrified.”

The temperature around the time was about 9 degrees in Norvell Township, Michigan.….

“I don’t know how they knew she was out there….”

Read the whole story at sunny skyz.

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Oklahoma Elephants

Elephants block Oklahoma highway

stalled-elephants-oklahomaPhoto credit: Oklahoma Highway Patrol

Four circus elephants were briefly stuck along an Oklahoma road waiting for a ride.…

the floor of the trailer carrying the pachyderms had started to give way and was dragging on the road, sparking grass fires along the way.…


Oldest Tulsa elephant dies

The Tulsa Zoo just announced that Gunda, their 67-year-old Asian elephant, passed away. She entered hospice care last week after declining due to her age.

Zoo personnel said she passed away Monday in her exhibit with her caregivers.

Gunda was the Zoo’s first elephant. She came to Tulsa in 1954.


“Elephant!” he incredibly exclaimed

November 06, 2009
ODD Elephant Sideswiped

Billy Hefton, Enid News & Eagle/The Associated Press

…An Oklahoma couple driving home from church nearly slammed into a giant pachyderm that had escaped from a nearby circus late Wednesday.

“Didn’t have time to hit the brakes. The elephant blended in with the road,” driver Bill Carpenter said Thursday. “At the very last second I said ‘elephant!'”

Carpenter, 68, said he swerved his SUV at the last second and ended up sideswiping the 29-year-old female Asian elephant on U.S. 81 in Enid, about 80 miles north of Oklahoma City.…

Times Picayune

Post-Apocalypse Beetle

The Comics Curmudgeon cracks me up every day. I used to be a big fan of the funnies. Not so much anymore. So I stay in touch with Mary Worth and Mark Trail by way of the Curmudgeon. It’s better this way.


Also starting a new plotline this Monday: Beetle Bailey! We begin in media res, with the backstory on what catastrophe has left much of the world outside Camp Swampy a patchwork of uninhabitable “contaminated zones” that the military must enter on mysterious and dangerous missions presumably being filled in at some point later in the week.