Here’s Looking at You, Kid


I really like the expression on this pup. The page on where this is from has many adorable and funny pup pics, but this one just stands out. I just want to reach in and pet him. Good boy.

I miss our dog.

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Bean’s Tombstone Puzzle

Dr. Bean loved both his wives and he buried them side by side in Rushes Cemetery outside of Crosshill, Welles Township in Ontario with a single gravestone to honor their favorite pastime of solving puzzles.


Read more, and find other tombstone puzzlers at Lem’s Levity.

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Other People’s Stuff 200 Like Landmark

The WordPress dopamine feedback algorithms have determined that 200 likes is a milestone.

ops-200-likesThe celebratory graphic WordPress sent

But it’s a millstone, I tell ya. Knowing math predicts such milestones will become less frequent. Constantly striving for the next like. The pressure to exceed, to have better other people’s stuff than I last stole appropriated!


Seriously, thanks y’all. ((esp bob)) Nice to be Liked.

‘Gravy over all’ in Bartlesville

Murphy’s is known for their hot hamburger or cheeseburger. It’s an open-faced burger. The patty is on top of bread and fries sit atop the burger and bread. Then brown gravy is poured in massive amounts over everything. It’s glorious, extremely bad for you and worth every single bite.

Also, a side salad is good lathered in their house dressing.

But the focus is the hot hamburger.

Go to this place in west Bartlesville. You may need to wait in line. It’s a small place, after all. But you won’t be disappointed.

And remember … gravy over all.


It’s… better than it may come across in this pic.

Longstanding, popular local steak house reviewed by Jacob Unruh at NewsOK.

Murphy’s is on the far side of town from where we usually stomp. Worth it, though.

I don’t do FaceBoog but here’s Murphy’s FB page.